Apollo Technologies

Delivering modular, fast and efficient transportation management solutions.

Feature 01

Highly Adaptive

CMT works with buses, trolleybuses, light railway and underground metro lines. With our open APIs, any existing system can be integrated into our services.

Feature 02

Built To Last

CMT heavily relies on micro-service architecture. It allows us to easily enable or disable individual modules in a running production service or upgrade the whole system without any downtime.

Feature 03

Cloud Native

Our software runs on a Cloud Native platform called Kubernetes which provides an unparalleled speed of deployment, reliability and runtime performance.

Feature 04

Open API

We provide our API specification via an industry standard OpenAPI. We don't tell you what mobile applications your users have to use, we don't enforce any programming languages. You are free to use your favorite tools and what your team excels at.

Feature 05

Privacy Focused

We acknowledge that when it comes to transportation, user privacy is a must, not a nice-to-have feature. We use AES256 encryption to fully encrypt any sensitive user information before it even reaches the database. Strong encryption is enabled by default.

Feature 06


While security and correctness are paramount to city management technologies, software speed plays vital part in the user experience. CMT leverages efficient, Cloud Native era languages and databases to deliver maximum performance for the end-user.

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Depending on your business size, we provide a low cost proof-of-concept deployments on our cloud infrastructure. Core services are then ready to provide ticket management for transportation.

What you will get
  • Ticket management service
  • White-label mobile application (Android and iOS)
  • Bank integration
  • Admin dashboard

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